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AKDN | What We Do

Initiatives cannot be contemplated exclusively in terms of economics, but rather as an integrated programme that encompasses social and cultural dimensions as well. Education and skills training, health and public services, conservation of cultural heritage, infrastructure development, urban planning and rehabilitation, rural development, water and energy management, environmental control, and even policy and legislative development are among the various aspects that must be taken into account.

His Highness the Aga Khan, Amsterdam, September 2002

Developing Human Capacity

We offer healthcare, education, and parental support to help people flourish.

Building Resilient Communities

We help communities mitigate and overcome natural disasters, and improve their habitats.

Generating Economic Growth

We build infrastructure, offer financial services, and provide expertise to drive inclusive economic growth.

Honouring Cultural Heritage

We invest in heritage, architecture and the arts to enable communities to build on their past and look to the future with confidence.