Is private provision key to delivering universal health coverage?

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AKU launches 3.3 MW solar photovoltaic installation

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“Finding my strength”: Impact of an Aga Khan Schools education

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“Encouraged to come forward”: Impact of an Aga Khan Schools education

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Mountain meltdown: South Asia's climate change time bomb

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AKDN | Pakistan



AKDN has worked in Pakistan since 1905

...We are sharply aware that the pace of change is accelerating, that our global neighbourhood is shrinking, and that the best prediction about the future is that it is highly unpredictable. In such a world, creativity and flexibility will be essential to our success.

His Highness the Aga Khan
Karachi, December 2013

Agriculture and Food Security


Over 16,000 people a year use rural infrastructure built by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) or partners

Civil Society


AKF supports over 5,000 CSOs

Cultural Development


The Aga Khan Trust for Culture has won 15 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation in Pakistan

Early Childhood Development


AKF’s programmes reach over 10,000 children in Pakistan

Disaster Preparedness and Response


The Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) has produced hazard and risk maps for 677 villages in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral

Economic Development


Over 400,000 households have benefitted from physical infrastructure projects



The Aga Khan University’s (AKU) Medical College is ranked #1 in Pakistan



We have provided access to safe drinking water and sanitation for over 500,000 people in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral

Health and Nutrition

1.1 million

Aga Khan Health Services provides services for over 1.1 million people


US$ 712 million

HBL-MicroFinanceBank (HBL MFB) has provided over US$ 712 million in loans

AKDN IN Pakistan

How We Work