AKF partners with IUCN to support community-led conservation in northern Mozambique

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Ismaili Imamat donates 20,000 desks to Mozambican public schools

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Inauguration of the Aga Khan Academy Maputo

The Aga Khan Academy Maputo is a not-for-profit school situated in Matola city in the Maputo Province. It is t...

AKDN / Tammy Goldswain

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Norwegian Embassy grant enables further help for displaced people in Mozambique

An AKF-supported civil society group in Cabo Delgado meets to improve village infrastructure.

AKDN / Lucas Cuervo Moura

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Community aviaries: Breeding food and income security in Mozambique

Poultry associations are helping internally displaced people to identify new sources of food and income, and b...

AKDN / Safira Chirindza

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Access to Quality Care through Extending and Strengthening Health Systems

In Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, a nutritional group supported by the AKF project AQCESS prepares a meal of maize ...

AKDN / Rich Townsend

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US$ 350 million

Since 2001, we have committed US$ 350 million including donor funding.



We have worked with over 500,000 beneficiaries.

The purpose of the Agreement President Chissano and I signed twelve years ago was to lay a framework for the fullest presence of all our Network’s capacities, economic but also social and cultural in Mozambique – and we have been building on that framework ever since.

His Highness the Aga Khan
Maputo, December 2010

Agriculture and Food Security


The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and partners are supporting the cashew and peanut value chains to increase the sustainability of production systems, benefiting 3,000 producers

Civil Society

5 million

Over five million Mozambicans have benefited indirectly through the Juntos! civil society organisations (CSOs)

Disaster Preparedness and Response


AKDN and the Portuguese Government donated over 200,000 items of personal protective equipment in Maputo Province during COVID-19

Economic Development


AKF works with almost 8,240 community members on saving activities



The Aga Khan Academy Maputo provides education for students aged 6-18



AKF supports 2,200 health workers and volunteers in Mozambique

AKDN IN Mozambique

How We Work